There is no way to peace, peace is the way

Twenty years ago, when we launched an initiative based on the idea of a new community of the former Yugoslavian republics, primarily as an opportunity to stop the war on the territory, and then to restore trust and cooperation among nations through economic cooperation, many rated this idea as utopian and unrealistic.

At first glance, thinking rather superficially, the sequence of events gave them the right to think so. During the ten-year period of conflict, many lives disappeared, hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless, and the damage has not yet been evaluated. We were unable to prevent war in the Yugoslav territory, but the war did not prevent us from working on the idea of peace and contributing to it as much as a civil peace organization can.

Our initiative is embodied in the Peace and Crises Management Foundation, which has visibly participated as a non-governmental organization in the changes all these years. It gathered many prominent people: scientists, politicians, public figures, writers, journalists, which encouraged us and convinced us that we are doing the right thing. We were aware that our work could not be valorized by a forum or with a numeric indicator. We deliberately left our activities to stand the test of time and listened to the voices of reason, no matter how lonely and quiet they were.

Twenty years later, we are still on the same path of strengthening peace, tolerance and trust, which are the basic prerequisites for a normal life and prosperity of all nations and all citizens. – Boris Vukobrat, Founder