Summer School of Democracy: Is it Possible to Have an Identity without Hate and Intolerance?

The Foundation co-organized with the Civic Committee for Human Rights in Zagreb a Summer School of Democracy under the topic “Is it Possible to Have an Identity without Hate and Intolerance?“, from October 3-6 on the island of Brac (Croatia). More than 35 youth participants and 40 representatives of NGOs or academic members from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro gathered on the island of Brac (Croatia) in order better to understand dangerous social trends such as racism and chauvinism, and to learn how to foresee them in the future.

The main idea of the summer school was for speakers and participants to identify possible sources of malicious forms of identity which can cause hatred and intolerance in their various social, cultural and economic modalities. When one understands the origins of an identity, it is easier to become resistant to its negative effects, abuse and manipulation, which often lead to many irrational conflicts.

Possible consequences of cherishing an identity based on intolerance were discussed as well as governmental and nongovernmental policies that could be implemented to prevent such an evolution.

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