NEO-OTTOMANISM: A Doctrine and Foreign Policy Practice

Professor Dr Darko Tanasković
NEO-OTTOMANISM: A Doctrine and Foreign Policy Practice

Belgrade, 2013 / 102 pages
Language: English
Format: B5
ISBN: 978-86-908103-5-2

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About the book

The book Neo-Ottomanism is the first synthetic review of the new and ambitious Turkey’s foreign policy whose aim for that state in the process of shaping new, multipolar world in order to restore dominant influence in the areas which once were part of the Ottoman Empire, in the first place in the Near East, the Balkans and Caucasus. Starting from the foundations of doctrinal determination of the Neo-Ottoman ideology, its foreign policy operationalization on global and regional levels is being analysed. The study Neo-Ottomanism is a reliable guide for coming up to the essence of state politics of contemporary Turkey, which arises widening interest of international political and professional public.

About the Author


Dr Darko Tanasković (Belgrade, 1948) is full professor at the Chair of Oriental Studies at the Faculty of Philology University of Belgrade. Also gave lecturers at many European universities. He is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (Salzburg). He published many books and more than 600 scientific and professional articles. He was the Ambassador of Yugoslavia and Serbia to Turkey, Azerbaijan, at the Holy See and at the Knightly Order of Malta.

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