March 5th 2015 World Energy Efficiency day

TESLIANUM Center celebrated WORLD ENERGY EFFICIENCY DAY at PETNICA Science Center near city of Valjevo on March 5 2015

TESLIANUM Center celebrated the World Energy Efficiency Day with an organized visit to the Petnica Science Center. The aim was to emphasize the importance of science in the energy efficiency domain and primarily to encourage young enthusiasts to develop their creativity in the domain of science that they are interested in.

Petnica Science Center is an exceptional example in Southeast Europe where both natural and social sciences are studied, using a methodology that encourages young students to learn and develop their ideas independently.

The program started with a tour of the Center and its departments, accompanied by director Mr. Vigor Majić and his associates. Special attention was given to the Department of Physics, where the equipment for examination of the Bell’s experiment is installed. This equipment was donated by Mr. Boris Vukobrat, President of the TESLIANUM Center Assembly, in cooperation with strategic partners: the Vienna Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information – Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Dr. Ranko Lazic professor at the University of Warwick, Mr. Marko Bacic from the Department of Engineering Science, Southwell Laboratory, Oxford and Bojana Pejic from UBS AG, New York.

Such a donation reassures that there are individuals who are ready, for the sake of the future development of their nation, to invest in the education of youth, who represent its future. During the era od sanctions in the nineties, Mr. Vukobrat has given scholarships for Oxford University to three young scientists from Petnica: Ranko Lazic, Marko Bacic and Bojana Pejic. Participants of the educational programs in Petnica, students who are visiting Petnica as well as school clubs will now have the opportunity to see how practical phenomena in quantum mechanics and in the nature are functioning, and all of this in Serbia. Bell’s experiment was originally set up as a theoretical experiment in 1964. John Bell then devised an experiment whose results were opposed to existing theories of quantum mechanics. Eight years later, in 1972, the experiment was set up, and finally confirmed Bell’s expectations – that quantum mechanics describes the world around us well.

The second part of the program was followed by a round table entitled “ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC EDUCATION AND ONGOING SUPPORT to gifted students”, where the word was given to Mr. Philippe Busquin, former European Commissioner for Science and Innovations, Ms. Tania Friedrichs, coordinator of DG Research and Innovation for the territory of Western Balkans and the Mediterranean region, Mr. Nikola Tanić, Assistant to the Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Aleksandar Protic, CEO of Tesla Memory Project and Mr. Vigor Majic, Director of Petnica Science Center.

Speaking at the beginning of the round table, the director of the Petnica Science Center Vigor Majic spoke about the achievements of Petnica’s alumni in the last three decades, underlining the importance of caring about interested and motivated young people, even from an early age. Assistant to the Minister Dr. Nikola Tanić, speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, explained how the government recognizes and supports young talents in science, already during undergraduate studies and especially during doctoral studies.

Mr. Philippe Busquin, who comes from Belgium, said: “The European Union has recognized the investment in science and education as one of its important goals for strategic development. In order to achieve that goal, it is very important to present scientific and technological achievements to the general public. That is why scientific education and the promotion of science are among the most important pillars of the EU’s scientific policy. It is important to monitor and support the young talents from an early age. Such investment returns are always multiple.” “I’m sorry that I did not have the chance to come to an institution such as the Petnica Science Center when I was young. For me as a physicist from primary education, and as a scientist also, this would have meant a lot in those years. Enjoy in these great opportunities. ” said Mr. Busquin, speaking at the end of the visit to Petnica Science Center to current program participants in this prestigious institution.

After the round table, Petnica participants were addressed by Vigor Majic, Boris Vukobrat, Ranko Lazic, Philippe Busquin and Aleksandar Protic in the main hall. Mirjana Prljevic has presented TESLIANUM’s mission and programs for the youth. The participants were given TESLIANUM calendars, so that they can get better acquainted with the life and work of Nikola Tesla. Additionally, Aleksandar Protic and Mirjana Prljevic have presented the electronic version of the book entitled The Essential Nikola Tesla: Peace Building Endeavor. The English version of the book was promoted at the Harvard University, and the Serbian one at the Petnica Science Center. Several out of 333 copies of the book were handed to Philippe Busquin, Tania Friedrichs, Boris Vukobrat, Nenad Kostic, Nataly Vukobrat, Vigor Majic and Nikola Bozic.

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