High School Student from Paris

On Wednesday, November 13th 2013, High School in Banja Luka was visited by a former student, Mr. Boris Vukobrat, whose business success is known and highly valued from Beijing and Moscow to Paris, where he currently lives.

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It is not easy to summarize the life, education, exceptional business success, political engagement and the impact Mr. Vukobrat’s company Copechim has in Europe and wider in the petrochemical domain. At the least, we have to emphasize that Mr. Vukobrat is the bearer of some of the highest French honors, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, together with Boutros Boutros Ghali, Giovanni Agnelli and the French Academy he founded the Francophone University (L’Université Senghor) in Alexandria and is the founder and Honorary President of the Association of Nongovernmental Organizations of Southeast Europe CIVIS.  Additionally, he is the founder and president of the Peace and Crises management Foundation since 1992.

It was a pleasure to talk to Mr. Vukobrat, not just about his business success and future endeavors, but also about his high school days, especially about our former Latin professor, Ivo Nakic, so much so, that he was invited to Paris as Mr. Vukobrat’s special guest. This voyage and the royal welcome he was greeted with were retold on multiple occasions. Even though he left the high school in Banja Luka before graduating (Mr. Vukobrat graduated in the XI grammar school in Belgrade), he still has fond memories about our school. This was confirmed when Mr. Vukobrat gladly accepted to be a member of Gaudeamus – Society for Cultivation Banja Luka High School Tradition.

With Strategy to Success

Our guests, apart from Mr. Vukobrat, were Mirjana Prljevic, Milan Perduv and Ranko Risojevic. Mirjana Prljevic, adviser for strategic positioning is the Executive Director of the Peace and Crises Management Foundation and President of the Energy Innovation Center TESLIANUM in Belgrade. Living also in Paris, she gave us a dozen copies of her bestselling book The Strategy of Positioning as the Key to Success, which has been translated from Serbia to French, English, Russian, Turkish and Chinese. Mirjana has been on the cover of one of the most prominent economic magazines in Asia: The Far East Economic Pictorial with a 12 page interview, which depicts best her expertise and credibility. You can find more information on her website www.prljevic.com. Mr. Milan Perduv is the creator of an economic wonder called Slateks, and he is the director of Gerontology Center in Slatina called Slateks. Mr. Ranko Risojevic, writer and a former professor in our school, is the main culprit for this visit, and this is one more reason why we see him as one of the best friends of the high school on Banja Luka.

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