Status of Civil Society in the Countries of the SEE Region

On the occasion of its first annual Assembly, the association CIVIS organized the regional conference “Status of civil society in the countries of the SEE region”. This provided an opportunity to discuss the position of civil society in the region and draw some conclusions and recommendations. Speakers were: Mr. Zoran Pusić, President of Civic Committee for Human Rights (Croatia) and president of the CIVIS association, and Mr. Miljenko Dereta, Executive Director of Civic Initiatives (Serbia) and member of Executive board of CIVIS association. Special guests were Mr. Kiro Gligorov, founder and President of the Kiro Gligorov Foundation (Macedonia) and Mr. Boris Vukobrat, founder and President of the Peace and Crises Management Foundation.

Participants discussed the influence of NGOs, which can be, in terms of some policies, stronger on the international than on the national level. They also discussed the ability of civic society members to influence decision-makers on one hand and challenge their lack of ideas and vision on the other hand.