New Economic Diplomacy – Opportunities and Challenges

The general objective of this project is:

  • to increase the information, education and motivation of the society, so that the values of economic diplomacy and the new establishment of the network of Economic Diplomats of the Republic of Serbia could be perceived on micro, mid and macro levels (state and economic) in order to achieve a better positioning of Serbia on the world map;
  • to explain in an understandable way that the new economic diplomacy improves bilateral relations, contributes to the increase of direct foreign investments and of economic exchange and presents the interests of the economic policies conducted by the government;
  • to cover a very visible lack of media coverage about the development and opportunities of economic diplomacy via the network of Economic Diplomats, which is very important for the future coordination of the contacts and interests on the global and regional levels.

The publication with the same title was promoted in March and April 2012 in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac and Novi Pazar, in the Regional Chamber of Commerce premises for the public from business and institutional sectors, as well as on universities for the academic public.

Partners of this project are the Swiss Peace and Crises Management Foundation and the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of Serbia. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation financially supported it.