The lexicon is a result of many years of research conducted at the Institute for Economic Diplomacy. It is a product of a successfully implemented innovative project that was co-financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and supported with a donation made by the Peace and Crises Management Foundation.

The project coordinator and chief editor was Prof. Dr Miroslav Raicevic.

Members of the Editorial Board:

Prof. Dr Budimir Lazovic, deputy editor and editor for the International Relations and Foreign Policy domain; Prof. Dr Mladjan Kovacevic, member of the Editorial Board and editor for the International Economic Relations and International Business domain; Prof. Dr Dobrosav Mitrovic, member of the Editorial Board and editor for the International Trade Law domain; Prof. Dr Maja Stanivukovic, member of the Editorial Board; Dr Mirjana Cukavac, member of the Editorial Board; Jelena Simovic, Secretary of the Editorial Board.

Different associates from Serbia and abroad, as well as expert teams for different areas from state institutions have been engaged in the research and publishing of the Lexicon. Out of 53 authors (University professors, scientists, diplomats and experts), 13 are from abroad (India, China, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia), 26 hold PhDs, many being University professors in Serbia and abroad, seven PhD candidates and two postgraduates. Other authors are well-known experts working for different institutions and organizations in charge of certain relevant areas.

The reason why the Lexicon has the specific form that it does is the complexity of activities of contemporary economic diplomacy. The Lexicon contains 24 essays and 628 entries in the glossary. Apart from highly specialized topics, such as models of economic diplomacy (Economic diplomacy of China, Russia, India, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia), the Lexicon includes essays of somewhat broader scope with a theme that is of great importance for proper functioning of international economic cooperation and international business. One can find very instructive and practice-focused key entries (concepts) on economic diplomacy, international trade, international business financing, foreign trade, customs and relevant regulations.

In this way, the Lexicon offers a lot of advantages and benefits for professionals by systematizing knowledge that is multidisciplinary, making them more accessible and easily usable in practice. The Lexicon is designed for economic diplomats in the region, including Serbia, businessmen, researchers, students and postgraduates.