Boris Vukobrat: Letters of the President

Boris Vukobrat

Philippe Douste-Blazy

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From September 1992 onwards, with the main aim of informing a certain number of people of the views of the Peace and Crises Management Foundation, Letters of the President have been published once a month initially and somewhat less frequently afterwards. They have presented a view of the crisis in the former Yugoslavia and the global problems of former Eastern European countries. There has been no major event that we failed to react to, consistently proposing ways of peaceful settlement of disputes and the integration of the whole area of former Yugoslavia into European and world development trends.

Our ideas have been received with approval by those striving for a constructive resolution of the wartime and post-Dayton situations, often inspiring discussions and plans.

In view of all this, it seemed logical to me that integral version of the Letters should be published now, thus providing an opportunity to review the activities of the Peace and Crises Management Foundation in the most convenient way. Faced with taxing problems, which have often led a considerable number of protagonists of the Yugoslav conflict from one form of extremism to another, the Foundation has striven to maintain a balanced attitude and, through its proposals and initiatives, improve the lot of those who were forcibly placed into a marginal position. We know almost everything about despair, and very little room has been left for hope. This is what our work is based on, and I should think that this book provides clear evidence of that.

At the same time, recollecting once more the watershed dates and events is deeply justified by the fact that the ideas presented here were associated with reason and aimed at peace, economic development and new forms of co-operation. That is what continually makes them relevant, and with the passage of time the validity of our basic principles is only confirmed anew.

Paris, September 2012 Boris Vukobrat